Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membranes

D-PF special membranes with hollow fiber is used having various porosity and permeability which gives colorless, clean and zero TSS and zero turbidity water having COD reduction depending on type of chemistry is used to treat direct effluents and 90-95 % direct pure water is obtained which is suitable for re use or go to RO and rest water is treated and direct converted into the sludge and then leachate taken back to treatment in system. So almost 100 % water is get purified and can come out from ETPs hassles. RO will run with better efficiency and life of membranes and recovery also elongated substantially.

System Operation :

The D-PF system operates on a continuous basis by controlling the rate of permeate flow from the membrane modules. A feed pump and recirculation pump ensure cross flow velocity as well as feed ratios and regular interval backwash by product generated is maintaining the flux. Same time reject is also extracted to maintain the recovery and TSS level. It is auto software based continuous operational system. Auto CEB and CIP controls when needed to clean in case of low flux. Complete safe operation and no any input control parameters range needed like ETPs



  • Robust tubular membranes are more durable and require less frequent replacement.
  • Less sludge & TDS Due to no chemicals less sludge is generated and hence less TDS added in water.
  • Low power requirements comparable with Conventional Biological treatments based ETPs.
  • Compact footprints does not require huge tanks and area and Capex.
  • Lower installed capital cost since no additional tanks, civil structures and savings in time.
  • Less lifetime operating cost due to lower power costs , membrane replacements & labor costs.
  • Proven reliability of the NX Filtration tubular product.
  • Safer working environment for the operator since maintenance cleaning does not require as it is auto back washable by our software.
  • Minimizes operator exposure to waste water and potential health impacts.
  • Resistant to chemical degradation due to the use of high strength membrane chemistry.
  • Effluent Screening is assured so membrane rupture or breakage is not an issue.
  • Concentrate is Anaerobically digested and Biogas generation gives fuel value.
  • Most Environmentally Sustainable Treatment Technology till now in all available technology.